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I like the part about worship being a gathering of believers. It does matter who those believers are worshipping. If you are worshipping a false god, not Jesus, that final day when all mankind is before Him isn't going to be a happy time. When veryone confesses that Jesus is Lord at the end, for some it will be in fear and regret since their sentence will be "depart from me". You said alot of really good things about our need, as believers in Christ, to worship together, be there for each other. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
This read like a daily devotional and I enjoyed these thoughts. Having Native American leanings I know that Creator loves His creation very much, down to the last tail-wagging dog.
Thanks for posting this.
This is very good. I especially liked this part --"How can we be so confusing when our Creator is so orderly and precise? His planets and stars careen through space like clockwork and never deviate one iota off course. His Seasons come and go in proper sequence. His tides and ocean currents are always accurate, and His whole universe moves in perfect synchronized precision." -- very nice...
Love the voice of this, Marilynn - very personal, making the message at the end that much easier to swallow, so to speak. Much to think on here. Good stuff!
This is creative, and also has a good message. Thanks for sharing.