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Beautiful. From your description I could picture the whole story in my head. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.
This touched my grandmother's heart. So sad when the mom abandons her child. Thank God for praying grandmothers willing to take over. And a worshipping praying one. Loved it. Thanks.
A beautiful story. Also touched this grandma's heart.
What a beautiful picture of private worship before the Father. This is one of the most captivating lines I've ever read:

"Tiny thumps of tears hit the thin worn pages. She closed the book and slid to the ground, stretching herself out on the cold wood floor, face down, her hands extended out, the slightly gnarled fingers opening as best they could in outstretched worship."

For my own personal reasons, I can picture this scenario the way you painted it, and it stirs my soul in a tender way.
This is very good. So many grandparents raise their grandkids today and many, like this woman, have so little anyway. These were two very realistic characters. Nice...
A very nice story of "personal" worship, and was very touching. A few tiny errors, but doesn't take away from the story itself. Great title!