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Excellent descriptive writing. I could see a picture of what was going on and chuckle from time to time.
I loved this story!!! Beautifully vivid and original descriptions enabled me to see, hear, smell, and feel everything as though I were there. My favorites: "inky mirror" (reflection of the patent leather shoes); "the fan on the ceiling slaps the humid air"; "My eyes are slanted up beneath the camouflage of my lashes"; "...swirling for the Lord." Also loved the descriptions of smelling Ivory soap and Old Spice, hearing an overhead helicopter, etc.

I could see and hear Sister Parcher too--loved her line about the grandson being "wraaaaaped around a telephone pole." What a colorful character!

Also liked the use of her name in the story's title--a title with a personal name in it always sparks my curiosity.

Great job!
This was such a vivid article with fantastic decriptive words showing us the culture and expecially the love this old saint had for her Lord. I knew a lady in my churhc who did the same thing and I still smile today thinking about her, thanks for the memory.
What an entertaining piece - I LOVED it... held my interest right to the end, and I felt like I was right there. This is one I could read over and over again just for the fun of it. Great descriptions, great characterization - great job!!
Having come from a staid Methodist background I found the dadoes of Sister Parcher a bit alarming - even humorous. Sorry! :0 Hope that doesn't sound sac-religious. But that doesn't signify by any means that I didn't find your story delightful and the characterizations superb. Wonderful writing.
This story is brilliantly written and extremely entertaining...
If only we could be more like Sister Parcher and not care what anyone thought of us as we worship! This was a very, very good story. I really enjoyed it!
What a fun story! Thanks for sharing.
A great story and VERY well written. Unaccustomed to the unique and different rituals of each and every denomination, I found myself fascinated by Sister Parcher' performance - just as the writer was at her young age. Nicely done.
Paints a beautiful sensory picture of the scene. If as the saint said "those who sing pray twice," then maybe those who sing and dance pray thrice.
The descriptions are wonderfully creative in this delightful story. You have a special talent.
This took me back about 50 years. Although I didn't come from a Pentecostal background, your little girl could have been me. I loved the descriptions of what she was wearing. It brought to mind a dress and shoes I once had.
I really loved this. Made me get all sentimental.
What a delightful character study!
I love Sister Parcher. Worshipping body, soul, and spirit; with all her heart, mind, and strength. You can't fake uninhibited worship from the heart. Good job, I really enjoyed it.
So VERY vivid - and I love the "child's eye view." This is absolutely precious and wonderful and COOL. :)
Excellent attention to detail. I could see and feel it all from the perspective of one delightful little girl.
Very good! Great detail. I like how every sentence propels the reader forward. Good job on this one. And, as a child, I was quite familiar with "THE LOOK".
Catchy title, very well written, anointed and I always appreciate and love great characterization. Superb. God bless.