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Great descriptions - and I love your MC's voice. This begs to be expanded. You definitely left me wanting more info.
I'm with Joanne. Is there a novel in here somewhere? Good work.
I agree, I would love to read more. Superb writing!
Wonderful story, the ending was a nice surprise.
Not being a sailor, the chairs setting up in the bow and then the glance to the back of the ship, threw me off. I might have missed something there.
Your imagination and style come together gracefully.
I Loved This! Very creative!
There is so much I like about this piece; the adventure, humor, the creativity, and excellent writing.
This is way out of the box, in a good way. The writing is good, and the creativity is off the chart. Thanks for this fun read.
I can honestly say that I've never once thought of worshipping the Lord aboard a space craft bound for who-knows-where. Creative and interesting, as is usual for you. I'd like to know what happens to this unique group of space Christians once they reach their destination.
I ab-so-lute-ly LOVE this piece. WOW, talk about out of the box. More like out of this world. I liked everything about this story. The lack of understanding concerning the technology of their dilemma while having the full assurance of their faith. Going by faith into the unknown such as Abraham. Again, great job.
Out of the box and straight into your readers' hearts! What a precious and refreshing piece! I love it! ...and would love to read more of this couple's journey.
Ha ha. I enjoyed the story. Very creative. Getting the tea was a nice touch. Perhaps a little heavy with narrative in the beginning, but it would have been tough to set the story up without it (a physics problem, you know). I bestow upon you an extra 750 words to tell us more...