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Very thought provoking. Thank you for the reminder!
Good points--there is certainly a difference between going through the motions and genuinely surrendering to the worship of a loving and holy God.
More realistic than pessamistic, I'm afraid. A needed reminder and well presented.
It's that old human tendency to the hackneyed. We do it with words, with our actions, and sorrowfully even in our worship. My own personal experience has taught me that my corporate worship is affected tremendously by what happens or doesn't happen in my prayer closet. Your article is an excellent reminder and one that I needed today.
Sounds like you are soured on church service period. Which is a shame because change can only be affected when someone steps out brings it to the attention of others. If you feel your voice will not be heard where you are then what is keeping you there? Shake the dust from your feet and move on. Change always begins with one. Corporate worship is man made anyway.
Holy, Holy, Holy! Man looks on the outside but God looks on the heart. We can worship Him on the hillside, beside the still waters, with a dog on our lap, or even in the midst of the congregation. Good job my friend and thank you.