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Beautiful - I love the description followed by the prayer. This was so relaxing for me to read. Just lovely.
I want to go to bed like that! My "senses were permeated" by your words and descriptions. Loved the prayers that coincided with the MC's thoughts.
This is wonderful and peaceful. What a lovely way to go to sleep each night. I love the message sentences inserted between the descritpion of the ordinary act of going to bed.
Likewise I found this descriptive -- not so visual as the scene is one of darkness -- but all other senses are involved in a calming rather than excitable way, appropriate for the topic.
This one goes in my favorites. I think I will read it next time I have trouble falling asleep. I'm feeling very realxed right now! Oh, and I love the spiritual applications of each nighttime routine.
Love the imagery and soothing calm that radiates from your writing...beautiful!
It hard to count the number of times I have used this very same scripture to calm and comfort me. What you have written is absolutely beautiful and is one of my favorites for the peace and solace its words and message bring. Great job.
This is wonderful. You have me so relaxed, I need to go take a nap. :)

I love the way you parallel your conversation with Jesus and your deliberate steps of settling into bed.

Great job.
I should not have read this right now...when I am taking a quick break in the middle of cleaning house. Now I can't wait for bedtime. I think I will read this again tonight.

Your entry is not about calm, it IS calm. Great job on the topic. I had thought about writing a "Calgon take me away" type story. Yours is so much better with the prayers.

God bless.
Way to go on your placing - it is so well-deserved on the fine piece of writing - Loren
Congratulations on your EC. This is one of my favorites.
Congratulations Catrina! Wonderful writing!
Can we even begin to imagine what glories await us as we become more and more Like HIM?
This piece is the essence of calm--probably why it is a winner. :) Nice job filling the senses and the soul.
Well, you just saved me a LOT of money on a massage! You have ministered to those of us in desperate need of His calming presence with this work of art. Truly captivating....
Adding this to my favorites. Will read it when I need to fall asleep (like right now).