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Oh, this made me chuckle! I wish I had a pastor like Dad. What a neat parent. Poor Mom. She always has to be the grown-up in the family! This is so sweet. The voice of the little boy is perfect, and it reminded me of many of my own church capers. Gee, my Mom could pinch like that, too!
What a charming little family, including the "phew", the pinches and the artistic artwork! Loved the rapport between father & son...and the whole church scene was so realistic! Good job!...and held my interest throughout (which is not easy - due to my short attention span..(*.*)!
This is adorable, love the little boys point of view.
I loved this story! I could relate to it because my younger daughter and I used to draw each other pictures on our church bulletins during the services--usually she'd draw animals and want me to draw them things to eat!

I loved the descriptions of the man like a "boiled egg with glasses" (could just see him!)and of "Mr. Avocado." Delightful dad and relationship between him and his son--also wonderful descriptions of little kids' typical behavior in church and a mom's embarrassment.

Was especially delighted by the surprise of learning that this easygoing, playful dad was the church's new pastor!

Great job!
As a former picture drawer, I too, resemble your story. :) I loved your surprise about the dad being the pastor. As a mother I know the frustrations of "trying" to get children to act respectable during a church service. I think a lot of people will be able to relate (on many levels) to your story. You did a great job of writing from Daniel's perspective.
Delightful voice - and so fun. Enjoyed this very much!
Absolutely charming!
This is just delightful. I loved every part of it. I wish I was more like the Dad. I am too often like the mom but at least "she's pretty cool, too." Great job. (My daughter's name is Elise.)
I love the voice. This is really cute and clever. Nice take on the topic.
Your story is adorable, funny, and an excellent example of writing. I like how the boy and his dad both jumped when the mother hissed! I could see it all playing out. Glad he thinks his mother is pretty cool too. I can relate to the role of keeping everyone somewhat civilized, being the mother of three sons!
So happy that the Judges saw what I saw - A Delightful and Wonderful story! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your highly commended. I really had fun reading this story. Great job.
This really made me laugh - especially the line about drawing the lady's hairdo. I like the surprise about the dad being the new pastor.
As a preacher's daughter, a daddy's girl, a lover of great humorous writing (and as a judge), this was at the top of my favorites list this week.