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The imagery in this piece is excellent... taking the reader into the fear.
As a fan of first person PoV, this flat out rocks. Your best submission I've read--glad you chose to write what you do so well. I'm surprised at the power in this weeks pieces, but it serves as the "bump & set" for the "spike's" calm.

This is up there with a gentle rain--hope it wins, and that you're lounging by the pup pool.
I love the way this ends - no easy way out except through Him... thanks for your entry - very timely!
I liked this, "Logic may dictate but I must run." Like good poetry it preaches an eloquent sermon in a few marks on paper.
I love it, but come on! I want to know what was chasing him, and what happened...rats. Calm in this kind of setting HAS to be from God. You hooked me on this story!
This felt like dreams I have had! Your wording is descriptive and very effective. I love the conclusion, and yet I agree that it seems unfinished somehow. But then, life is like that. We often don't know what's coming next or even what just happened! You gave me much to ponder.
A lot of suspense in your writing, making my heart race. I like the answer of the Spirit to his prayer, and the calm that comes over him upon submission to God's power. Nicely done! :) Cat
The use of language to craft this piece shows a master's heart. Albeit your editor will curse the ground you walk - who likes editors anyway. We need help in the pen come on in.
What atmosphere! What description! You'll be "up here" soon! This is astounding.
Masterful writing. I felt the terror. Excellent.
Sure, this is superb. I love the pacing--the short, wuick sentences, even the intentional fragments--they take on the same frantic pace as your narrator, leaving the reader breathless.

This is one of your best.
*jumping around and clapping* Thank-you Jan my day is complete!!
Well, don't think I can come up with anything more creative to say, but here goes. Loved the pace and action. It left me breathless and wanting more (which is always good).
WOW! This was some ride here, I'm practically breathless following so closely I think it may be awhile before I calm down. Good job-one of your best!
Sue, your writing is spendid! Get out the peanuts! ;-)