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Christ on the lake was not calm, that was confidence--absolute control. Sometimes he sends stress our way for His purpose.

I almost died in a 1998 head-on collision that resulted in physical and mental handicaps. There was a documented miracle healing after a visit from my pastor. He used this event to focus me on the talent He gave me. Short of another miracle, I'm doomed to a wheelchair by 2018.

In an attempt to launch my first novel, I'm burning the candle on both ends this month, because I'm driven to get my broken body out of factory work.

While we need to forgive the people who drive like missles, the Boss can put a stress timer on our life to get our attention.

Today I physically feel the best that I'll ever feel in this fallen world. I very much look forward to going home.

Trust me, He puts us through things for His glory, to wake us up.
Because your article is essay style I feel the objective, slightly medical viewpoint is entirely appropriate if perhaps not applicable to a broad range of human experiences. The Lord does sometimes break us to His purpose and that is when His most noble work, that which we are entirely unable to perform in our own strength is accomplished. As hard as it is to actually live through, sometimes there is no other way to taste what He CAN do in the midst of our CAN'T. In my opinion though you fulfilled the goal of your topic.
I liked your article it was very matter-of-fact and to the point. I disagree with the one commenter that God sends stress to teach us something, that is not true. Good writing.