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This gives me small insight into my grand-daughter's thought processes when she smeared my $30 a jar night cream all over the kitchen floor. Did the tile have wrinkles? Was she doing it to foil possible burglars? I guess I'll never know. Cute, cute story that was fun to read and held my interest all the way through.
Hilarious stream-of-consciousness...I really liked that Susie seemed to be about my age, with the Beatles, and Jiffy Pop, and so on. Great title, too.
The title of this one is tops! Sounds like someone may have a good memory. It certainly brought back some memorable thoughts for me. Thanks!
Reminds me of the time my then four-year-old daughter created a mural on her bedroom wall with crayons. My wife was really upset. I got the camera out to record this work of art, she really is talented (now 37).
Good job, enjoyed this very much. Children, aren't they precious?!

God bless and keep writing.
I loved this story! I could just picture the little girl and imagine with her during her creative play. It brought back memories for me, as I remember a lot of the things in Susie's world from my own childhood--she must be about my age now!

The unusual title also drew me in and was perfect for this delightful,funny story!

Great job!
Creative! I smiled at all the "my generation names" of things, too. I could picture the whole story, so the thoughts of the child were very well written!
I love that you took us so completely into her head! It all makes sense there ;)
This is so creative, and very funny. I kept cringing thinking about the poor mom -- but then I'd giggle thinking about the little girl. Great voice.
I love your title too. You've given us the cutest image of Barbie and Geronimo sitting in a jeep in front of the TV (drive-in movie). I can just see it. Makes me want to laugh. Your combination of dolls is so clever too.

I think you've "dated" (as in -- set in a time period) a lot of FWers, judging by the comments. This is so cute. I really enjoyed the trip back down memory lane. this based on a true story? :) ;)
I remember the day my sister actually did this. Glad to know I'm not the only kid trapped in an aging body. What details of both era and thought process--your brain still carry all around? What a memory!
This is one of my favorites this week. Love the child's voice, you have captured it perfectly.
A creative insight into the real and imaginery world of a child. Our takes on this subject were very simliar this week. I truly enjoyed yours!
WONDERFUL title, and wonderful stream-of-consciousness. I echo all the comments above me - too fun!
I really liked this trip in to a little girl's head. Many smiles. Super job! :) Cat
That was so much fun to read. Great job!
This is darling. I enjoyed being back in my little girl mind for a while. Great job.
I'm glad this ended well, with all that she got into I feared the worse. I would have liked to see more on calm but that's just one opinion. Good writing.