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This definitely is a lesson in creating atmosphere - excellent sense of emotion and place, and the contrasts are quite vivid. Good stuff.
What pole opposites! Talk about inner calm that refuses to give way to outer mayhem! Great entry~
I love the contrast between the matter-of-fact, normal day, the way you described the horrible stuff so off-handedly one could almost miss it--and the horrors of the nuclear holocaust.

One little oops--an "it's" that should have been an "its" in an early paragraph.

The tone of this was chilling and effective. Great job!
This is very gripping. It feels so eerily possible. Wonderful writing.
Nicely written and interesting stuff! Great job.
Very good creation of atmosphere, character, calm... I particularly like the ending sentence.
Oh, scary. I hope we never see something like this. The comparison of the spilt seconds between disaster and normal living is eerie.
While this is the first story Ive read this week, I hope A Gentle Rain wins. I didn't think such powerfull writing could fit so well into "calm". I didn't look, but surely dub's got you in his pen. Wonderful.
The Title, "Gentle Rain" and then the last sentence, "it's calm" might soothe the Reader...But, like WOW; all that went on between the two was..."Ultra Chaotic" and brilliantly written, keeping my interest throughout. Great story!
Awesome story, chilling & thought provoking. The constrasts were woven thoughtout in first class style. Well done.
Good beginning, wonderful middle, ending fizzled. I would have like more around the word 'calm'. Good writing.