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Your dialog is done absolutely masterfully, and the storytelling had me engrossed from start to finish. Perfect ending.
Oh my, oh my, oh my! I can't TELL you how much I loved this story. I'm's just beyond wonderful.
Your title is intriguing and the dialogue kept my attention to the end. Touching, romantic, and well-written.
What a wonderful, precious, and fun story. I love the touches of humor, and the GREAT message at the end. Very well done.
Wonderful! The dialog is a joy to read. The descriptions of the characters are rich, too. I love the Dad and the Three Stooges thing!
A very poignant and creative take on the theme. The humor shows the wonderful heart of the family and the groom coould not have picked not only a better bride, but a better best man as well.
I Love this!! I'm laughing and crying at the same time--sheesh. The banter and fun were terrific, but Eve's 'seeing things' through Ian's eyes was the best. Great job!
Such wonderful dialog and characters. Great article George. Bravo!
Perfect title! Love the story...there were surprises throughout. Your writing is amazing with wonderful creativity shown throughout.

I actually did something similar for my sister and her husband's wedding. His family was from Mississippi and he lived and breathed "civil war". My sister was from Iowa. (our ancestors were in common battles/skermishes). After the "husband and wife" pronouncement I incorporated Dixie (I wish I was in the land of cotton...) with Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" alternating phrases --on the piano. You could say it was quite a "surprise" to the groom.
Princess Fiona--
That had to be so much fun to write--your smile as you typed must have been as big as your readers. Darn weddings!

Loved this... perfect title.. ending... sweet.. funny... loving.. quirky... masterpiece! Congrats on your much deserved win!
I didn't guess until right near the very end. Loved the mother's wry humor as shown through her dialogue and the message reminded me of a scene in a movie called "The Ride" where all the kids shave their heads so the one boy with leukemia won't feel embarrassed when he has to remove his hat for the pledge of allegiance to the flag.
Wonderful! Love the title, the dialogue, the surprise, the humor, the story...everything! Great job and congratulations.
Congratulations on your EC. This is a great piece -- so much for to read. Great job.
Sparkling dialog, I cried when I read the bride wore a blindfold. Wow, ya got me. Can't wait for more.