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Great title and even better story. You drew me in and kept me throughout. I love this kind of story.
Wow. This would be a good fit for Guideposts.
Wow--to the story and the writing. Your writing style is well paced for each stage of events and kept my attention. And yes...there are many blessings to be had when we leave the outcome in God's hands, as hard as that can be to do. Thanks for sharing. I imagine that moment was one of the most wonderful surprises you'd ever had!
A life-altering day to be sure! True stories are always so inspirational, and this one did not disappoint. Great title and nice job in the telling of your story.
What a wonderful story of God's intervention!

I almost think it'd be better without the introductory paragraph...and I wasn't sure about the use of the word illiterate, which means unable to read. It doesn't quite seem to fit the context. Those are very minor nitpicks, though.

I liked the epilogue with the update on how he is now...very inspiring.
You definitely kept me on the edge of my seat! The writing is fast-paced, very fitting to the story. I LOVE that it was true. WOW.
GOD IS GOOD! Thanks for reminding us of what God can do... there are so many times we forget the past and start fearing the future. We need to keep these stories on the front burners of our hearts..HOORAY for GOD!
Stunning, for sure. God is the Great Physician, isn't He? I, too, wondered about the word illiterate, but it's a minor thing. This was a very good read. Thumbs up.
Wow, what a testimony to the power and love of God! Your story is a true reminder of what God can do in our lives. I'm so happy your son has been healed and is now a walking testimony to God's healing power!
Wow! You've done a great job of writing this "parent's worst nightmare" event. Yet, you showed the hope you had, plus willingness to leave the outcome with God. I'm so glad the ending was good, and I liked reading the update on Keith.