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Your food descriptions are wonderful and your light-hearted humor made this fun to read. While Burger King was a quick fix, I felt sorry for them not getting their Sunday dinner.

I've got to stop reading these entries on an empty stomach. (the entry before this is on breadmakers :)
Great descriptions and humor. Be aware of comma splices, but otherwise extremely well done. Put it in the pen.
Ha! I wish I knew how that gravy exploded! My co-worker had an egg from the microwave burst as he ate it-it covered him with yellow fluff, even his eyebrows and glasses. It carved out a nice yellow shadow of his profile behind him on the wall, too. I laughed my head off once I realized he was OK. (It's funnier if it doesn't happen to you, though.) Humorous and well written little slice of life!
Love the title, love the Godzilla line, love the voice. Really strong entry.
What a mess! I think I'll go take a shower.