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That was an awesome surprise. I had no idea where it was going. It's fantastic to find life among death.
I was completely engaged throughout. Great detail to bring us along with you - and, of course, a wonderful surprise.
Very good. You gave me chills.
I can't imagine what it must be like to worry about your children when they have a dangerous job! But how proud, too, to have them serve the community in such a selfless way. I was happy the ending was positive after all the deaths and destruction from the devastating fires. I was hooked into the story from beginning to end!
I was holding my breath reading this one! (I'll take the kitty, if it needs a home...)
Wonderful human interest story. Powerful message.
Lovely story and the end caught me by surprise!
Such a fitting title. Great writing and dialog. The kitten was a nice touch.
The kitten is a lovely surprise! Great story. :-)
Awwww, you brought tears to my eyes. Definetely a surprise ending.
Not sure if you intended this surprise, but I thought you'd go 9/11.

I love first-person; limiting, but so powerful. Kitten in the ashes, so hopeful.

Great story - and I was certainly not expecting that ending!
You and your animals:) What a great story, couldn't have been more instense. Loved it, keep up the great writing.

P.S. Thanks for saving the kitten, all my cats are happy now!
This held my attention throughout. Fires are brutal, no doubt about it. I am so glad there was a happy ending for at least one little kitten. Ummm, I would have liked for the parrot to have made it, too,though. ;0)
Nicely done.
DO NOT 'lose' your last line! ;) It ties everything together. I loved it - it reminded me of the Cross - "Life found in a place of death." Loved it.

Great story Chrissy, and you did a great job! Really great! :)
Wonderful, tantalizing writing...I could just feel the joy and relief of the son as he found life among the ashes! Indded a reason to call and share the joy.
I was holding my breath to find out what happened. I was glad something was spared. (I love cats.) Great writing!
Aussie bushfires. One of the drawbacks of living out in the bush. The firemen do an awesome job. With all the tragic stories we hear on the news, something like this is so refreshing. Good stuff.
Is "son" meant to be capitalised when used as a term of endearment? Not sure. Don't mean to be picky, but you asked for a critique. ;)