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WOW! What a sad yet beautiful story! Master writing all the way!!
How precious. You drew me right into the era and the feelings. Human nature never changes and those same emotions certainly translate to the present. Excellent job (even though it made me cry)!
This is a wonderfully story, masterfully written from start to finish. I loved it.
You did an incredible job! I cried at the end. Everything blended so well; description, feelings, setting, music we could "hear". We even got a picture of her father's sweet character in about sentence. Great writing!
09/13/07 about one sentence. Bad grammar is my pet peeve!
Oh! I am reeling from the blow at the end! You've brought me to tears. Absolutely exquisite prose. How do you do it? I felt like I was right there in her shoes. Beautiful!!
This is really good. Your writing is captivating -- pulling me into the story. I went through all the emotions with the MC -- and got tears at the end. Great storytelling.
The title, the music, the nice pacing, the surprise---I was captivated by it all. This was like a movie, I could see it all play out. Excellent!
Bittersweet memories here.
Great build up - so beautifully bittersweet and VERY well written.

You did a great job of taking us on such a sad journey.
Oh, phooey! What a roller coaster ride this was, and the ending really made my throat swell up. Great job.
This is so moving. My dad sent my mom a telegram at Christmas time when he was in Germany. I thought about this all the way through. Their story had a happier ending.
You did a great job of holding my attention. Very well done.
I thought I knew what the surprise was - but of course, I was wrong. This tugged at my heart. You did an AMAZING job with the setting and the mood. Your descriptions are exquisite!
Wonderful work on the setting. Your descriptions were so good I felt like I was watching it happen. Nice flow to your sad story, too. I loved your use of the song title. (I know this story played out many times during the WWII era.) Great work!
A roller coaster of emotions, hopes, dreams, fear, elation, tragedy. You marched us through them all marveously!
NO! I wanted him to make it home to stay. Such a great job of describing your characters feelings. Even though it had a sad ending, their relationship was comforting along with her trust in God.
You strung me along with the romance of this story. the ending was so sad, but also reality for many. Your writing is excellent, as usual.
Being a forties child myself I quickly picked up on the authenticity of the mood. A beautiful, touching story. Great writing!
This was absolutely a breathtaking drama, that not only took us back to a time of our parents ( many of us) but a reminder of what many families are suffering today. Thanks for this. Great writing...setting the mood with the song and the love story.. Made me sad.
Beautiful. I loved the detail. I hated the sad ending, but it's true to real life. Great job.
Very eliquently written. This was a real down home story with a shocking ending. Loved it. Wanted more. Great job!
This is one of my favorite entries this week. Love this era. Beautifully written.
This is an incredibly well written, beautiful story. I agree with all comments above. Excellent writing.