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A loving touch to such a delicate subject for any woman to have to endure. I must admit that my serious attention to the subject was momentarily interrupted by laughter due to this: "With this Christian marriage booty call, I was elated." Probably not the words I would have used to describe it but you definitely got your point across. LOL Good job. :)
Wow, what an experience to go through, yet her humor is still intact and the relationship between her and hubby is still there and even better. This was great! Some very realistic descriptions and feelings. The uncertainity, the fear, the acceptance and the surprise. Good job. ^_^
This one brought tears (of joy) to me. Well done, good characterization, and a picture of true love.
Tender story with a bit of humor thrown in. Your portrayal of the characters is very real--the anxiety, joys, uncertainties. Nice job.
You did an excellent job of describing the emotions and insecurities of both wife and husband in this situation. Your writing on this subject is sensitive, yet honest.
I'm applauding madly that you wrote this piece--it's delightful!