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Wonderful story of love and forgiveness that exemplifies Jesus' own. Like those of Sua, some sins are more obvious but He forgives all of us again and again, daily.
Wonderful lesson on the mercy of God. Well written. Good job.
Beautiful story of forgiveness.
I've seen too many Law & Order episodes for this to have surprised me, or so I thought. Then I got to the "what's mine is yours", verse--touching.
Good twist for the end. Great application of Truth. Might want to work on the broken English a bit more. But, well done.
Beautiful story mirroring God's love and mercy to His children. I love the characters involved. Very touching! I agree with Frank that the sentence about what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine makes this story unique!
What a modern example of Hosea. Very well done and moving.
This is a beautiful story to demonstrate forgiveness.
your story was actually nice and okay.but if i must say the truth such stories are not actually real..u shld hv protrayed some of the husband's anger...even God somtimes get angry at our actions..its a gud lesson of forgiveness but not really surprsing coz most people can and have done like the husband.
I was very touched by this--that husband is one in a million, and a moving type of God's forgiveness. I caught the Hosea parallel right off. Nicely done.
If you hadn't mentioned it was a OT retelling, I wouldn't have thought of it - but this is Hosea and Gomer, yes? Great detail - and wonderful job with the broken English.
Very well written and a creative parallel to the two Bible stories mentioned. I like it!
Close your eyes. Do you see this writer bowing? It's for you. This was wonderful. You hit the nails straight in on each aspect of this story. Well Done! Well Done!
Great writing and a wonderful story. This man surely has the heart and soul of a Christian.