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Although this article is well-written, we need to remember that Mormonism belives in the plurality of gods, polygamy, etc., in direct contrast to God, who is One. That said, this article brings to light the suffering of so many in this world. Vivid descriptions helped me "see" the people involved.
This is a very well-written, "on-topic" story with an excellent closing paragraph!

Your descriptive words and phrases were nicely crafted, and one of my favorites was "On and on came their depraved ranting, their words pellets of disgust and despair that fused to Parleys soul like bits of tar. No matter how hard he scraped, no matter how hard he prayed, he couldnt get the filth off."

Good job! :)
Passionately and well written with some great descriptions and dialogue.
The story points out how boldness and conviciton can affect both an individual as well as the people they comes in contact with. Well done example on the subject.
Your writing is strong, showing boldness in itself. Good job.
After being a member of this website for over a year, I'm still amazed to see an uninformed comment like the first on this list. "Mormons" or Latter-day Saints, do not believe in plural marriage. It was abolished over 150 years ago. I kindly ask for you to please check your facts when making comments such as these. Having said this, I must say that the author has done a marvelous job capturing the TRUTH of this story. It is written with such depth and inspiration. You are brave indeed to have written such a BOLD piece on this site. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. Bless you!
Excellent writing! You do a great job of showing not only the obvious, but also the true signs of boldness. My favorite is "Only the serene countenance of Brother Joseph kept him in place." Great Job!