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Gripping and powerful! My heart was aching for Simon the whole time, but even more so for everyone else in his country. You did a great job "reversing" the common feelings I would have in this story by making me feel happy for Simon and sad for everyone else. I loved the ending, of the young girl being "branded" in God's eyes. May Simon's message live on!
Great job! You communicated the truth so clearly and simply --in a compelling story. The ending is great and it ties the story up very neatly.
Great job on this convicting story.
This was intense, excellently written, and an insightful vision of how things might be some day. You had my attention all the way through.
Scary. Your MC is indeed bold. This is well done.
Well done. I, too, imagine what it will be like someday. May we all have the boldness to spread the Word, no matter what.
Now THIS is bold. Great attention to detail, and I found the girl to be quite haunting - and sad, speaking of a world with no hope at such a young age. Excellent job, and may the Lord grant us the courage when the time comes.
Wow, awesome story. I was drawn in to this one from the first sentence! This is wonderfully written and the MC is the epitome of bold!
WOW! This was great and written with a boldness I haven't seen so much yet. Great writing, you really pulled me in and kept me glued to the screen! Good job.
You captured the topic wonderflly. This is some great writing and gives the reader much to consider.
You captured "boldness" perfectly with your very well written story. This was an awesome look at what could be.
Wow - very strong message and excellent descriptions. Fine work!
Congratulations on your win. I Loved this story. SO glad the judges did also. A strong message for us all, and perhaps not too far into the future...
Great story. Thanks for sharing.
This is great. You deserve this win for your BOLD entry. Great job! Congratulations!!
Congrats Ruth! Wonderful writing of a time when boldness seals your death warrant.
No wonder you won both first places! Really, reaaly good. Congrats to you and have a WONDERFUL day! Leigh
Congratulations on first place! This is very creative -- and gripping from beginning to end. Great job.
Great job, Ruth - congrats!!
Wow, great ending. Congrats on your win!