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Oh it's true! They DO grow up too fast. Sometimes I want to do the same - grab hold of my babies and never let go! Thanks for the reminder to savor every moment. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Thanks for the reminder. Your story reminded me of a Bill and Gloria Gaither song.... The lyrics go like this: We have this moment to hold in our hand and to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand... Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come. We have this moment today.....
The writer has a beautiful way of reaching into a mother's heart and sorting through all the emotions that surface day after day. This is an article that is 'felt' and absorbed. And the memories come flooding back! Excellent!
Reminds me of 'Ground Hog Day', but this mother got it right the second time around.
This was one of my favorites. I have been here:

"The realization comes so suddenly that an involuntary gasp echoes through my reality - unveiling my heart, providing the truth that she is … slipping through my fingers."

You paint a beautiful portrait of a mother's heart.

Reflective and celebratory at the same time.

Thanks for sharing this piece.
One day we are watching them toddle, the next they are graduating, and then they are getting married. That's how fast it goes! Enjoy every step of the way! Every stage has special blessings. May we all take the time to smell the roses along life's way! Thanks for the reminder! Blessings, Cheri
I was right there with you, you described it so well.
Hope the judges view this got me.
Wonderful! You've filled me with thankfulness for another day WITH my children. This is truly a winning entry.
Beautiful Nancy! I loved every line. Thanks so much for sharing it!
Beautiful Anointed article of a Mother's Love!
Oh Your Daughter is so Blessed to have a Mom like you and you are so Blessed to have her as your Daughter. God is so Good.

In Jesus Love, your sister,Dee:)

"Numbers 6:24,25,26"
Oh Nancy, this is so touching and brings back such precious memories. My children are all grown now, but recently I looked at a picture where all three were so young and tears began to well up in my eyes. They are gone forever, my children are gone. They are wonderful adults now, but how QUICKLY they grow up. ("she pulls me in the direction of the swings and back to that place where everything matters.") That is so true! Love, Sharon

Oh, this touched my heart so deeply. Wow! There is nothing like rubbing their silky hair as they sleep or hearing them say "I love you". You blink and they have grown a mile. Every moment is a treasure.