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Excellent job creating the sense of place and character. This story truly moved me. I was definitely right there with Kim.
I volunteered to teach reading to adults once, and though the man I tutored knew English, his illiteracy kept him in the same kind of world your MC is in. You only have to leave the US and go to, say, France, to know how these people feel. Having to look for food by pictures on the label is tortuous. Reading instructions is even worse! Your story is a great reminder of what others face when they come to America, and have to start from square one. Great story!
Interesting read. Covered topic well...even if it took a few tries, first.
Many years ago my sister-in-law came here from Thailand with no knowledge of our language. Your story of Kim brought so many memories. I can still see her silent beauty and am so glad I was able to make her feel at home by offering her some of her native dishes. Very well written.
Definitely a powerful reminder of what those who speak another language suffer with when they come here. Thank you for writing such an eye-opening story.

And for doing it so well.
I can't imagine how terrifying it would be to try to cope in a foreign language--but you've portrayed it well. I like the symbolism of the glass doors, too.
I was debating the necessity of all the descriptions of her uncertainty, until I came to the end and realized it was just right. A great fit for the topic! Good luck!
Oh, I think this is wonderful! The detail is absolutely perfect for this piece. It really communicates the struggle Kim is having as she readies herself to walk through that 'glass door'. Great story! Loved it!
Hey You--
I was a foreign exchange student to Israel for just under a year. You've captured what it's like to live in a place with not only a different language, but a different alphabet. You've also succeeded in capturing and communicating the mannerisms of an Asian young woman, who comes from a culture where she has little value.

Your powerful ending even made me Google:

This was great. I felt her feelings as I read through this. Great writing!
I have taught English as a second language and you've captured some of my students' feelings very well.
I could really feel Kim's fear and frustration. I was rooting for her and cheered when she finally made the bold step to enter the building. Great job.
Thank you for sharing this. I can't imagine how I would cope in a foreign country unable to speak or read the language.
I especially like the way your mc built up to boldness. Well done.
What a scary thing to not be able to communicate. You made me very sympathetic toward your MC. I enjoyed this.
I was the literacy specialist for our congregation at one time. I taught English with the use of the Bible. It was amazing and ispiring to see the light in the eyes of recent imigrants as they learned to speak our language. Your story brought those memories back to me. Bless you for writing this wonderful story.