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What a powerful allegory! And the Black Lake is an actual character in this story, filling the role of antogonist extremely well. This is awesome.
What a great view of Christianity, God, Jesus and Satan. You did very well. Many non-believers would be able to understand this.

I love it.
Very clever and intriguing story! You kept my interest right through to the end.
This began in such an inviting manner, it was quite easy to continue reading to the end. Oh, how true the lure of the deceptive world of sin, but praise God, He knows we are weak and is always willing to reach out to us. I really liked this story.
Wow, great job! No missing the truth with this piece.
What a great allegory! ^_^
"The Son is the only one to have ever conquered the evil that resides in Black Lake; therefore, He is the only one able to save another from it." Perfectly said. I'm going to direct a friend to this piece; she's been asking what makes Jesus so 'special.' ;-)

This is an excellent allegory; I might have actually kept it a bit shorter, and a bit more to the point, but that's just personal preference. Good luck!
WOW, this was captivating and well done. I loved it and the truth in its message.
So good! Loved the portrayal of sin and evil as a lake. Very creative.
You have a very cretive allegory.
What a great allegory with vivid descriptions. Good job!! :-)
Awesome writing, what could I possibly add to the comments? Written with much conviction! Great job!
Wonderful article about the Son. I liked the comparison here.
Congratulations, Kevin. Your entry has placed 6th in Level 3 and 14th overall. The Lists for the Top 15 in each Level and the Top 40 overall is available in the Weekly Results and Highest Rankings forum of our Faithwriters Message Boards.
I love allegory and this one is done extremely well. Congratulations on your placing 6th in level 3 and 14 in the top 40. You are moving up fast and I predict it won't be long before you are in Masters!