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You definitely have a gift for weaving amazing lessons into amazing stories without sounding preachy in the least. Wonderful, engaging writing.
I really like this -- it's an object lesson I needed to hear. And your descriptive writing is very good. I was going up and down with you on the ferris wheel -- getting the anxiety right along with Cindy. Good job.
Really cool object lesson!

I was very briefly confused by the fact that you had two scared characters--Cindy and Heather. Maybe just one would have been a bit tighter?

This was very visual and also--what's the word, tactile? I could see and feel every moment. Nicely done.
I like the way you tied your illustration to the point about trusting the Lord. Good mingling of the characters, and the truth in scriptures.
Your idea of presenting a Biblical lesson while riding a roller coaster is very creative. Great job.
"If you're safe on a ferris wheel, don't you think you're even safer tucked in God's hand?" - my favorite line. Gram had a lot of wonderful things to say.

I was a bit confused about who was who in the beginning; other than that, this was a very comforting, well-written read. Good luck!
You captured these fearful moments well.
This is very cool. I like the comparison of being in God's hand with the ferris wheel.

Great job.
You are a wonderful communicator and your writing is living proof of that. Good job.
I am not kidding when I say this, but I really felt dizzy when I read your story like I was actually on the ferris wheel. GREAT WRITING! I loved how calm the grandmother felt just chatting away while the others were white faced. She made me laugh. I could picture the three of them. This is EXCELLENT!
I really like the comparison you used here. Next time I ride a farris wheel I'm sure I will think of this story.
Good message wrapped up in a well written story.
This is quite creative, too. I wouldn't have thought of using a ferris wheel as an example. Nicely done.
I agree with Cindy that it is scary at the very top of the ferris wheel! :) This is a well-written story with a great message of comfort for our fears! The dialogue was very believeable, and I love the Scripture verse at the end!
Way to go, Patty! Woo-hoo!! So happy for you, friend!
CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st place in Advanced and on your EC, too!!!! :) WAY TO GO!
Yeah! Yeah! yeah! Peej! See you in the antholgy! Proud of you, girl!
This reads like a Norman Rockwell painting, so familiar, so true, so beautiful
Congratulations on your EC. This was one of my favorites.