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I really like your last line -- very powerful, and comforting. This is very good, descriptive writing. I was feeling her panic with each step she took. Nice job.
Very realistic anxiety scene and emotions! And a welcome first step to recovery. This is top-notch writing that puts the reader right there experiencing every emotion.

I loved this - you tackled this subject very well and I think others will be able to draw from this.
Very powerful, with extremely vivid descriptions. I was right there with her. Gave me goosebumps.
So many little details in here that make this piece just rich with emotion...her teeth on her lip, caressing the Bible, her "twittering" hand (I love that one!)...this is a masterpiece of "showing, not telling". Absolutely wonderful.
I could feel her panic, and I loved the fact that she went out barefoot -even more open to getting past it all.
WOW! Emotions litterly jumped off the page. Great writing, you certainly nailed the topic!! BTW I love it, a lot!
This was really, really good. I must admit, after a week of training, I thought of this in terms of my new job, and started wondering if she would qualify for disability. ;) You really captured her fear well, and the triumph she felt when she finally opened that door. Great job.
This well-written story with its excellent descriptions takes the reader straight into the mind of a person afriad to leave the comfort of home.
Would have liked to know what brought Sally to this state of fear but understand that word count is limited. You did a great job of describing her fear and showing that prayer and faith in God were the tools to bring her out of it. Your Bible verse was well chosen. Wonderful story!
Excellent writing. I could picture her in her dark room, sitting in the chair with her Bible. I was there. I felt her panic and her desire to be healed. You really did an excellent job. I did feel the "healing' was sudden after what seemed like a long battle, but I guess that's what makes it a miracle. AWESOME!
What a wonderful capturing of such a deep problem. I liked the way you brought it to light. Good job.
Great writing. So descriptive and realistic! You nailed the anxiety and regret of the person suffering from this disorder.
This was awesome! It even confirmed a verse for me: For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Third times the charm right? You also brought back a song Step into the Sunshine--Get out of the rain! It's all I can remember but I sang it in JR. choir when I was like 12! Great writing here. You have a flow to your writing that just seems almost too good to be true. Keep on writing--you are blessed.

Well done. Your last paragraph is especially powerful and encouraging.
Excellent, realistic portrayal of the bondage many people are in due to anxiety, agoraphobia, and similar conditions. Your descriptive words painted pictures in my mind, and the ending was so joyous! Great story! :)
Good description of a womans return from bondage. Would have been interesting to know how long she had been in this state so as to make the eventual breakthrough all the more remarkable.
Rhonda, I'm going to feature this wonderful story in the Front Page showcase for the week of September 15. Look for it on the FW Home Page, and congratulations!
A joyful confirmation that God truly was listening to my prayers of only a few moments ago.
Praise God He sets us free - not just once but as often as necessary - I could feel her emotions - you did well drawing the reader in!
Awesome. I lived every moment with this MC and felt her peace and joy as she was liberated. A great piece of writing for sure! Glad it got highlighted on the home page for all to see! Thank you for writing it.
I loved your images in this encouraging story. I'm glad to see it on the FW Frontpage Showcase. Congrats!
This story reminds me of so many persons that live in fear, I have a daughter living with me,right now!
She leavs in cosent fear, she has terminal cancer,she sits on her wheel chair all night and day,until she gets tired.
The only companion she fills comfort with is her television,going on 24-7.
And her computer,she loves to chit-chat,and she is a born again christian,..but fallen out of God's grace,by living in her own world.
she doesnot like to leave her comfort zone.God loves her and so do I'I pray for deliverance daily.
This story remind me of my dauhter...God be with them.
We have to put our trust in God daily,one day at a time.
I enjoyed reading this article, your descriptions were so detailed. It painted a picture for me so easily. You are an amazing writer.