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This is certainly beautifully written, and in precisely the correct tone for such a letter.

The only thing I'm not sure of is the overall intent; is it satire, or does the author (I think I know who you are...) hold the same views as the controversial pastor? I'll have to read it again, I think...

...and it'll be a pleasure to do so.
A very interesting letter. Very well written. Good job.
Hey, a pastor who has the guts to suggest that Jesus Christ is the first Adam should be able to hold his own with grumpy and confused parishioners! I wouldn't feel a bit sorry for, or worry about a guy like that! He's surely able to take on a bit of controversy. You presented a unique character in this entry.
The language here is awesome; you clearly have a good grip on writing. This piece really intrigues me, and I would love to know if Pastor James is the intended 'bad guy' or not. Great job!
This was quite intriguing, I wasn't sure who was the bad guy.... but you definately kept my interest up from beginning to end.