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Wow, this one is REALLY scary! Very well-written, and the present tense really adds to the mood of immediate danger.
This is really good -- and really scary. Your writing had me right there in the house with them, and shaking with them. Great job.
Highly enchanting and very gripping! At some point, I noticed that my heart was racing very frantically; and the matter of fact is that this write-up boldly underscores the fact that Satan and his demons are still very much real and active today, but even far more important is the truth that the power of God is readily available to totally silence and overcome them! Kudos for a job well done!
This is masterful writing. I was shaking all the way through with fear. Your writing is awesome.
A very powerful and fearful story; but because there is no "same time/same station" tomorrow...this particular reader would've liked a full account of how the (I'm sure)"satisfactory" ending came about. Well written and very creative, however...and held my interest throughout.
Oooo....scary. This entry is definitely fearful!
You have nailed the topic with this one! Oh my. My heart raced as I read it. The devil loves to instill fear in believers, expecially when they are interfering with his plans. Excellent writing!
Oh my - I could barely read this because it was so scary.

Wow! You did a fanastic job all the way through. This truely defines fearful. (how about terror!)

Wow - this is scary.
You've made me scared to go home. I'm reading and commenting on these as we travel back from a weekend away. Makes me wonder what I'm going to find at home. I'll pray before going in. :) I know people who have encountered the same thing.

You made and awesome, although scary, point. These things are real.

Oh my, my heart is racing and I am so thankful I don't have a basement in this house. Very, very well written, but please tell us what happens. Great article.
Oh, I STILL feel the chills running down my back (and that's NOT meant as a figure of speech!!!!) Very well written and the description made it oh-so-real. Very well done!! Hugs--and I need one after this one!
Oh, wow. Absolutely spine-tinglingly terrifying. You definitely had me shaking. Wow.
Very good account of the true forces of evil. But God has overcome evil. Good story.
Very intense and gripping story with a strong message! I have been in a similar situation and know the shock of fear. Excellent writing! I wish there was a sequel! :)
Wow! Now this is different! I was wondering how your title would play out. VERY scary stuff, and once again fantastic writing. Excellent job!!!
This made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! WOW, what an awesome job you have done in the telling of this! Bravo!
This is very Amityville like. Great job of scaring this granny. Kudos for a well told tale.
Good job Dee, this could be expanded and published. It is as good as anything secular out there and yours would show what Christians do when faced with evil.:)
Dee, such a wonderful story that the hair on my arms stood up also. We are currently moving into a new house (new to us) so I can relate to the strange feelings. Once again you seem to top yourself at every outing. God Bless. M.
Wow, this really is a "fearful" entry! You certainly know how to make your characters come alive and put us right in their shoes. I've had similar feelings in new/strange places, but never heard a voice like that. This is a winner in my book, great writing. Is this pure fiction? Or, did you personally experience such an event? I'm glad I came looking to thank you for leaving a comment on my "confused" entry. I appreciated it and I appreciate finding your story.