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Whoa! Such superb narration! Such fantastic imageries! Such delictable storyline! I kept laughing and grinnning from ear to ear all through the write-up! I am so glad I stopped by to review this article. You did an incredibly beautiful job! Please, accept my congratulations; and kindly get in touch with me!
Wow--I love this! There's lots here to love, but I was particularly tickled by the tie-in of the title with the mischievous fish stick. All-around great entry.
This is such an adorable, delightful, funny article. I laughed out loud, and it takes something pretty darn humorous to make me do that. Good job!
Oh, what a riot! And knowing this is true makes it even BETTER! I love your little speech to Francine. Your title, by the way, is PERFECT. Lots to love here!
I loved this delightful story from beginning to end.
Great story... It kept my attention the whole way through, and the detail of fish sticks was very much in keeping with the theme (on purpose, I'm sure). I appreciate that you applied a flair of humor to the prompt of "fear". Nice work.
As I read this, I kept wondering if this was non-fiction; but it doesn't matter - it was very good. The Title drew me in and the story kept me glued, and the ending was perfection personified. A Super job for a "White Tag." (*.*)!
Ooh, I wouldn't want to be a "white tag", either! (I hope our conference organizers don't read this and get ideas). I'd like to follow you around, if this is for real, because your life must be a hoot! Loved the line about the fishstick in the great author's purse. I laughed out loud reading this story!
Hilarious. Very well done.
Boy, did I love this story. It reeled me in: hook, line and sinker. Who hasn't been a white tag? I have. Many times, both as an author and at other venues. I struggled right along with you. You have great writing talent. See you in Master's soon....whether you want to or not! Your down to earth stories with a flair for humor are the best!
Fantastic! Wonderful! A laugh out loud, incredibly great read! You are a terrific writer! Hat's off, to you! There are not enough exclamation points in the world to tell you how much I enjoyed this story!!!!!
Dianne, I won't ever need to go to the doctor if I keep reading your FW entries! You'll keep me heart-healthy with laughter, that most-perfect medicine! :)

What an excellent account of your "fearful" meeting with "Miss Waters"! (CK has assured me it is a true story!) I wish I'd been there with you, and I thank you for sharing it with us!

Congratulations, Dianne, on making the top 40! What a wonderful story that you gave us! Since a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, you are going to keep all of us very healthy as we continue to enjoy your great sense of humor and even greater writing ability! Keep up the good work!
I love this! I learned from the message boards who "Frances Waters" really is. Wow. She's my favorite. I can't believe you met her, ate with her and, DROPPED A FISH STICK IN HER PURSE. Oh my, Oh my. This is great writing. It flows, it's funny, it's GREAT! God bless.
LOL!! Did that really happen? This was so well told, especially the theological heartburnings over your eternal destiny from dropping a fish stick into her purse. You use humour so delightfully to get the "walking in the light" message across. Keep it up!