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Wow, very powerful! I'd never attempt a poem in the voice of Jesus, but you've done it, and in a very compelling way.

Be careful of the difference between 'too' and 'to'.

I love how the scripture at the end answers the question put forth several times in the poem.
This is very powerful. Very compelling. You did a great job showing Christ humaness.

At first reading I thought this poem was about mortal man, like me; then it seemed to be about Jesus from the referenced Scripture; but either way - it captures the mind and heart with an unanswered question. Who am I..? - lovely! Brilliantly written.
So, this is about His crucifixion? This beautiful line - "Life dripping on the stones below" - clued me in. Then I reread the piece several times; I very much see Him struggling through the streets with the cross on His back.

Wonderful use of language to convey feeling. I also like the structure of the poem(?). You said a lot with very little. Awesome job!
Just LOVE the last stanza, and the first line of the second one. This was vivid and beautiful and thought-provoking.
Well fashioned poetry. So true.
This makes me stop and think, and praise Him for Who He is.
What a wonderful poem. It's so comforting to hear the thoughts and feelings of Jesus as he died for our sins. Well written and a very interesting idea.
"The sin of man nailed to my heart". That's very powerful and descriptive writing. This is a beautiful poem written in the Savior's voice. I love it.
Wow! And again I say Wow. You write from the deepest part of your soul and have a brilliant way with words. This is just so Wow!