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This poem is lovely with a childlike sweetness. I felt a kind of serenity as I read it. Very nice!
This is a very nice poem that shows the love and compassion the Lord has for his people.
What a sweet poem! The wonder of a child - I think your poem achieved this. Good work.
Lovely, simple, sweet.
Very nice. Holds the attention, and yet communicates the child like wonder of the questions. The contrasting images were well done.
A sweet poem with many great thoughts. Nicely done.
This is a tender, lovely poem. Comforting and warm-hearted!
I love the ending to your sweet poem. God does see.
Good poetry. Yes, God really sees us there.
Very nice. Chris x
I really like this. It has such a nice, pleasant flow. It would be a wonderful illustrated book. Good job.
I love the message in this poem.
Such a comforting poem. Flows very well. My favorite line, "He soothes the fear with love so true
He answers fearful prayer." Oh how true. Great Poem Dub.
The message and writing are both wonderful. I see something that has several faces. Depending on how the reader interprets. Well done.
Did you intentionally use the word 'me' for some reason in the first syanza and not follow through with that particular POV with the rest of the poem? I don't know ... it seems there is a POV shift somewhere in the beginning two stanza's and I'm not sure which one is the right one! haha

Are we supposed to guess at the meaning of this one because everybody is 'wondering' and 'praying' yet God hears the sincere heart of the child. (?)
This is sooo precious, dub! I do love the simple, childlike quality that you've been able to capture here. Simple style, deep truth. Lovely indeed!