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I "felt" this article as anyone who has been through a divorce will feel it. Details may vary from one person's story to the next, but one thing is always consistent and that is the confusion behind the loss. This story is an excellent representation of that aspect. In the end, those that heal also understand the meaning behind your last two lines.

Excellent story, though sadly true for so many. Excellently written. May it give hope to many.
Oh wow! You told this oh-so-sad story so skillfully that the reader is placed right in the middle of your mc's confusion. The phrase "insult to injury" comes to mind about Jim's asking for half of the income tax refund, especially when she had brought in the income. You presented her confusion excellently. The closing rounded out the story just right.
Wow, that Jim was a rascal! I was mad and sad for the MC. I really like the way you tied the pieces together at the end with the note from the abused woman. Great writing!
A very sad story indeed, hope it's not a true account. On the technical however a couple of things. Never assume the reader knows where you're going. The paragraph that said, "When she awaken(or something to that effect) she spilled out the story. Who was she talking to? Also, the use of a battered woman leaving a comforting message was not very realistic becasue who or what comforted her if she died from her abuse? I might change the title to "I've Been Robbed" because she was robbed of a lot, trust, dignity, finances etc. Good thing God is the restorer. Anyway, I applaud your effort.
Clarissa, I'm sorry to tell you that ALL of the above story is true and happened to a member of my family. I'm sorry it seemed unbelievable to you but the fact is, it was also unbelievable to us that any man could treat a woman that abysmally and call himself a Christian. Life isn't always a pretty picture.

Mariane Holbrook
Very touching. Life is hard but God has promised beauty from ashes. Even though you didn't quote the verse, it would have been good to give a reference to encourage those who are hurting. Good job.