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Very good! It's amazing how we can make such a muddle of such simple instructions. You've done a great job of highlighting the problem in a humorous way.
I got quite a few chuckles out of this one - even the title. An innovative way of exposing the self-centred interpretation of the Big 10 that many of us do. We sometimes think they are the "10 Suggestions" or the "10 Guidelines."
10 out of 10 from me. :)
I loved this! At the same time it sent chills with the realization this was no exaggeration. And the scariest thing about it, is they/we are not ignorant of what they are, just in the obedience and application of what they mean to us personally. Us/They.
Love the title, the premise, and the descriptions and dialog. Great message given in a humorous way.
I love this format and the characters in this article. Yeah, maybe we do have some things mixed up a little when it comes to the 10 Commandments!
SO fantastic! I'd love to see this made into one of those 60 second clips you sometimes see on PBS. I could visualize everything, without you having to describe it all to me.

What a powerful I wish every generation could understand.
Wonderful story showing our ignorance of God's laws and how we interpret them to suit ourselves.