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WOW!! You've used wonderful words and have AWESOME word pictures!

I really like your play on words with the tree analogy and the LEAVES much cool!

These sentences is so true (and frustrating at times)..."But now what chirping Babel arises from the West’s own Christian nestlings?
While snarling stealthy beasts skulk among the dark and twisted undergrowth
Their baleful eyes seek out with bloodlust the singers of freedom’s song and loathe
While those fattened on liberty’s tree attack it furiously," I really like your use of Babel--how appropriate to our times. Extremely good writing!!
Whoa. This is a piece of literature that I'd have to spend some time unraveling. Though I am no poet, nor a judge of poetry, to my mind this is great. I especially loved these lines: "O foolish ones, the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the hopes you clasp
Arise from within the very tree that bears you up and yet you seek deliverance from its grasp?
With splintering crack the bough gives way, its plummet marked by twin plumes,
Smoking towers torn from bluest September sky"

Super job.
I agree with Beth and Lynda that this is a fine example of poetry. I was going to select the same lines as Lynda, and also love the ones cited by Beth, but there's so much in this poem, it could take me a while to sort it all through, savor the words of each line, and then give comments on them! Excellent.
This is lovely, rich poetry, with layers and layers of meaning. Intense message that ties it all together. Wow, am I ever humbled. Thank you for posting this, I hope it wins.
What a profound wordsmith you are. I'm in awe of your writing ability as demonstrated by this poem.
Very rich and palpable. Excellent
Love, love, love your word usage. Very deep and compelling. Keep up the good work! I bow at your wizardry with words!
Congratulations on your win! I want to copy this out and really ponder on each line. What an annointed piece that leaves one speechless. I will think about this for a long time. Thank you.
I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Congratulations hon! I'm dancing for you until I can dance with you... All my love, Angel xxx ooo :)