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Very nicely done:) Your poem evoked feelings - and thoughts and that's what we want it to do:))
Losing a loved one is a tragic thing, but to sit by as they lose themselves while still living.. Such sorrow truly shows the topic in having to deal with the confusion of losing ones mind, memories, knowledge of loved ones. Very well done in so few words. Excellent job.
This is a perfect description of the subject you've written about. On topic too. I also feel that anyone with a long term, chronic illness can relate to the entire poem. This touched me deeply. I've been there. I love the format and the words you conveyed. Excellent writing!Bravo!
I started out not liking the format, but as I progressed through the poem, I grew to love it. The images are very strong. You came close to bringing me to tears (which is pretty uncommon here). Very evocative writing. Wish I could be more helpful, but I can't find anything specific (or general) for you to improve on.
You have a gift with words and you used them masterfully in this poem...very touching piece.
You brought the reader right to the heart of the illness and its progressive effects in just a few stanzas. Unique style and perfect presentation. Blessings! Angel
Very beautiful. We must strive to keep our elderly loved ones' dignity intact in our actions, our words, our thoughts.
Oh wow! This is absolutely spot on! The suthor nsiled it all - format, content, and message.

This is beautifully done and tragiclly so real.

I loved it.
This is beautifully written but brought tears to my eyes as I think of specific friends and family who are going through this right now.
I love the structure! In a week when many people took a similar approach, this unique and creative poem stands out from the rest. So, so sad...
This is just wonderful. Such an interesting poem, I love the paragraph structure with the single word in the third line. The explanation of her confusion is perfect. Great poem.
Oh, this is so touching. And could only be written by someone who knows the pain of this terrible disease. Thanks, dear friend, for writing this moving poem. It's very loving and respectful of the MC, and brings the sadness of her illness into the heart of the reader.
This is a wonderful tribute. I had a friend who suffered mini strokes and found herself feeling the way you desribed. You did a wonderful job.
You did an excellent job with the poetry. Your entry is very touching. How sad, humanly speaking, is it to find a loved one in this situation. Beautiful work!
This is a powerful poem with just the right word choices and format. The last line says it all.
So beautifully done! You've truly captured the experience so many are imprisoned in. You've painted a dark picture of an excruciating disability...the loss of mental acuity. This poem is powerful, poignant, and heartbreaking...just as it should be. Wonderful poem!
Such a sad place to be. You've captured the confusion of this woman well. I like the format.
From the looks of it, you don't need a critique from me; however - it is haunting, melancholic and very deep in meaning; but truthfully I don't know much about dementia. But from the appears you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for asking. I'm honored.
Wonderful writing on a sad glimpse of real life. Very unique structure. Well done.
Sad but beautiful. A bit close to the bone for me. I saw my father go down that road after a tragic event, then another tragedy cut his life short.
This piece is nearly perfection (in my humble opinion). Such a sad but beautiful poem. My mother-in-law is in early stages of dementia. It's so tough for everyone involved and you captured that expertly. Writing-wise, I loved the format and the phrasing - which could have been predictable but was not at all. Superb!
This is so beautiful and very sad at the same time. I loved it.
This is masterful. Great writing. I was emotionally connected from the beginning.
Your entry fits the topic well, and your poem is very well written. Great job.
So much said in so few words. This was a wonderful poem sure to touch the hearts of many. Thank you for sharing this.
Wow. You really captured the emotions with this. The form added to it, too. Wonderful job.
This brought tears to my eyes. So much emotion, the one word sentences said so much. I think this is one of your best yet, Aunt Chrissy! Awesome job! ^_^
Loved the way you presented this topic (dementia)...somehow putting it in poetic form causes it to be embraced and understood more fully.
Very, very touching. I wouldn't change a thing. You have spoken to my heart.
Wow! Chrissy, great job on showing utter hopelessness and confusion.
WOW! Chrissy, this touched my heart! My dear 85-year-old mom suffers from mild dementia & my heart aches for her. She's not the same mom who raised me.

Masterfully crafted & anointed of God poem!!