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This story totally delighted me! What a colorful character!
I could see her house crammed with its kitties, trophies, and Teddy bears, and hear her stream-of-consciousness monologue to the ladies.

It would be good to place quotes around the main character's monologue, or else italicize it--so that it stands out better from the rest of the story. Also, "alter" in this context is spelled "altar."

Great title--it really drew me in, but then I love all stories aobut "dear sweet crazy ladies" and eccentric people in general.

Great job!
Wow! what an imagination. This was a delight to read.
Thanks for your response to my comments! Hope you don't mind my responding here, since I can't seem to access your e-mail.

About italics: If you haven't found out already, use the three characters "less than", "I", and "greater than" (in that order) to start the italicized printing. To turn the italics back off, use four characters-characters "less than","slash","I", and "greater than" after the italicized section.

By the way, "bold" is the same way, except change the "I" to "B".

Hope this helps!