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Your love for both Jim and your parents show through this story. Christ's love in us takes away the confusion that clouds human interactions. Good story. Keep writing.
I loved this story! The characters come alive through both vivid description and dialogue. I felt as though I were there and could feel with the narrator.

Loved the clever ending with the word-name play on "confused"!

Great title, too--it drew me in at once with its colorful contrasting images.

Great job!
What a fun play on words. I love it! When I saw your title I had to see if you were writing about me... :) We live in a section of a small town that is located on a mesa. It has become known as "snob hill" (but hopefully I don't resemble your mother in the story ;), husband works for the railroad, so when I saw Snob Hill and the Railroad Tracks I HAD to check out your story. Thanks for the laughs! Good work!
I enjoyed the story and the message is excellent...glad the couple went with their plan for the wedding and their life.
What a lively, funny story! It made me so happy that "Mother" didn't get her way in the wedding planning. Good characterizations made me see each individual presented here. I really enjoyed this!
A little trouble with the transitioning from conversation and her thoughts but overall a interesting read.