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Charming story, and the ending is satisfying. Thanks for the good read.
Oh this was so good! Heartwarming indeed.
Love the "Question Box." The story is very charming and a delightful.
What a delightful story with so much depth in it.
Enjoyed this very much - love the nostalgia, and the way that box is weaved through the entire story. Much to like here.
Beautiful story! I teared up when she went off to college, and was happy her questions finally came to fruition at the end in her dream job. Great story; very tender and sweet.
This was truly wonderful and very touching. I remember well the pain of letting go. You described it perfectly. Well Done!
What a great family story! You captured your daughter's personality so well with her question box. That made just the right focus for this delightful story.
One of my favorites I have read today! I really like the flow of this piece and I think the question box is an awesome idea! Great writing!
Love the story. Love the title. Awesome job!

The only suggestion I have for change would be to include in the context of the piece itself the verses you refer to from Proverbs 3, in case your reader isn't familiar with them. I realize you probably didn't have room within the word limit for the challenge, but if you put it in the reprint section, you might want to consider that.

You brought tears to my eyes as I read, because my own dear daughter just started college. She and I have been extraordinarily close, and I've experienced the same heartache that your MC describes so well, regarding my daughter's maturation and separation from us. We had no question box, but the communication still happened.

Again, fantastic job. Many blessings, Cheri
What struck me most about this piece was the great sense of love and family it demonsrated. And, I really liked the idea of the question box! This daughter was a very lucky child indeed! Thank-you for sharing this wonderful story!
I like that the box almost became a character in this story, and that it had a natural life cycle that paralleled the daughter's. Very nice.
I hope this does well. I really, really liked it. Darci was such a realistic character and daughter. The question box is something that would probably help a lot of teen daughters/mothers communicate these days. Great writing, Julie! ^_^
This one is a keeper. Thanks for writing it.
I want to make a question box for our home. My eleven-year-old was like Darci when she was young. Lots and lots of questions! This is wonderful. You kept me engaged through the entire story. Great ending, also. Bravo.
This is Wonderful!! I Love it! (I'm blinking furiously just so I can see the screen. lol) This is so sweet, and so typical. You did Great moving us through the years without booging down--Great job!! Hugs!
This was wonderful! I have a daughter of my own who recently married and is now a mom and we went through many of these stages. This is a good story to share that so many woudld relate to. Packed with emotions and good tie up at the end. LOVED it!! You are a good writer. Hope you sent this in somewhere!:)