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Beautiful story! The characters come alive with the vivid dialogue and descriptions, especially of the confused young Nazi.

I would have appreciated some interpretation of the Latin phrases.

Terrific title! Very clever, and the contrasting worldviews juxtaposed together, implied by those two names and the use of "Heil" and "Hail," really caught my attention and drew me in.

Great job!
Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove could also describe the priest's answers to the young Nazi. Your story has many levels and I enjoyed all of them.
What a magnificently related story of two people with a deep yearning for God, fencing with each other, while trying hard to relate as brothers in faith! Hats off to this one!
I enjoyed this tale. I would have had the father give a more direct response, but you captured well the moral dilemma he faced. After all, the soldier could have been a spy sent by his superiors. I was surprised however that there were both nuns and monks together in the monastery. Is this typical of religious communities in Germany?
Interesting and well written. Very suspenseful and descriptive story. You have a great setting, characters , and plot in this entry.
Excellent job of creating the mood, and displaying the conflict of the priest. I was glued to my seat throughout this piece.
This is an exciting story, beginning to end. Your character descriptions are especially good.
You kept me involved throughout the story - very well done.

The second response that the priest gave was somewhat confusing to me.

Otherwise, I enjoyed it very much.
Your descriptions put your reading in the story. It held my interest throughout. Excellent writing.
This was pretty good. A lot of bottled emotion portrayed through your characters. I liked the title. Good job. ^_^
I've occasionally wondered if some of the Nazis must have had similar crises of faith. What a creative take on the topic!