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Okay.... I'm trying to regroup... WHAT A STORY! Left me dazed and speechless. Wow! Wow! Wow! You got me with a one --- two punch! Quite a story, but even a greater writer! Mmmmmmm Good!
This was, by far, one of the finest works of craftsmanship that I have read in the challenges in a very long time.

The piece was dark, but no darker than life itself can sometimes be. A courageous effort.

I especially liked these:

"The yard was a dry ramble of weeds and dirt, strewn with leaves in the withered shade of a lone ash tree near the fence."

"A gust of old summer leaves chased him to the stoop and piled there, dead at the door."

Also enjoyed the use of motif throughout - a sure sign of a pro.

Excellent word-smithing - thanks for writing this.
I'm thinking of two authors who may have penned this. Whoever it was did an excellent job once again. Vivid, masterful piece.
Blessings, Lynda
Hauntingly realistic. A well-crafted piece relaying that not all endings are happily ever afters. Bold and daring writing. It evoked powerful emotions - your goal successfully achieved!
(Low whistle)Very good! Not what I expected in the end. So sad. So real.
My heart stopped! Well written, but so sad.
Top of the line. The best of the week. No doubt! :-)
Great writing but I agree with Christine, pills do not kill that quickly :)
GREAT writing. Your descriptions are haunting. Loved it!
A bit dark, but professionally crafted.
Dark yet beautiful! Left me with the reminder that we are not promised tomorrow.