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This is so great! I am still laughing and relating to how this mother feels. You have a great sense of humor along with a huge gift of writing! Loved every bite!
This would make a great article for Faithwriters Magazine - the "A Merry Heart" deparment. (There's a plug for John Hunt!) Wonderful humor, could identify with it completely (what mother couldn't?)
Loved every word!
Blessings, Lynda
Oh, I hate to shop, too! I enjoyed this.
I loved it!

I also am missing the shopping gene and can so relate.
Laughed out loud throughout, especially when you hissed at your son! I agree, this would be a great story for A Merry Heart (FW Mag). Awesome! :)
Too funny! You've turned our torture into humor. I thoroughly enjoyed this!
Great story.
I too hate shopping and my ten year old grand daughter who lives with us was born to shop.

I agree you should submit this to A Merry Heart

I LOVE this entry. As a non-shopper, I also applaud you in surviving such a day and even being willing to contemplate doing it and taking the friends. I'm usually cross by about an hour into the day. You've told the story really well. Bless you, dear model mother!
(sits at the computer applauding) nuf said.
My wife hates to shop too. This all-women-are-shoppers thing is a myth. And you did a great job exploding it.
What is it with writers? I hate to shop also! There may BE something to this missing gene idea, Cheri! You did a great job on this -- it was so much fun, and so true. I especially loved your son's creativity in the clothes rack! Hope the flashbacks end SOON! -- Lois
LOVE this! Cheri, this is going to be the front page showcase toward the end of the month. It was a treat to read and it also made me feel so much better about myself. I always thought I was the odd one out - I loathe shopping passionately.

I am actually starting to wonder if this is a "writer" thing, or whether as one of the commenters said, the "women love to shop" thing is just a big myth, perpetrated by the major retailers. Hmmm ... conspiracy theories abound. ;-)

Anyway Cheri, thanks for making my day. Love, Deb
I'm a little late reading this entry. This was great. Thanks for sharing and giving all of us NON-shoppers a chance to feel a little less alone. BTW - this is why there are coffee shops in many malls - take a book, buy a latte, and communicate by cellphone. No one says you have to GO to all 19 stores.
Kudos!!! Now if only all of us non-shoppers had a pixie in the racks telling us what to pick. This was really a delight to read. Thank you for sharing your story. I will keep it in mind as I set out to shop with my children today.
I missed this article on The Challenge. I am sure glad that I got a chance to read it. It is a terrific entry. The humour was just hilarious. Splendid writing.
I sooooo enjoyed reading this light-hearted peice. I'm glad to know that I am so not alone about not liking to shop. However, I believe it must be a missing gene. I have two girls and two grandbaby girls that love to shop.
I liked reading about your son playing around in the clothes. This was just a very excellent article in my opinion. I have a big smile now. God bless ya,