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I have similar confusing, often comic, conversations with a certain elderly family member who does not have Alzheimers. Good choice for the topic.
Alzheimer's is such a cruel disese. Very well written piece and helps the rest of us to be aware of the struggle a family faces when dealing with the affects of this disease. God Bless.
Well-written, with just the right mix of compassion, exasperation, and humor.

FYI--I think you meant "Who's" in your title--two words that are easily confused.

I've read several similar pieces on this topic, but this one stands out.
This was well written. You pictured the problem well without "telling" the story. Good job.
No matter what you do right, you are still wrong! You've described well the frustration, and the incredible patience and grace of God it takes to care for a family member struggling with this awful disease. Nicely done.
Nice presentation. Kept me engaged. Puts a "face" on early Alzheimer's that most folks never see or understand. Good job.
I just have to say that this is very well writen and was enjoyable to read. I hope things get better for
A light touch to a complex disease, well written!
This was really good, I personally would have like a little more, just one more example of how exasperating and sometimes comical a conversation can be. Maybe "what's on second":)
Your story is a true blue account of Alzheimer's and the frustration, from both sides, of dealing with the disease. Well written!
I'm a bit confused myself about the ultimate point of the piece, unless, of course, it was to simply entertain. If that was the goal, it certainly succeeded. Nice and warm. Pleasant little phrases sprinkled through. A good, light read. Thanks for posting it.
I loved reading this one! I especially enjoyed the comical insight into such intimate, seemingly trivial moments in one's life. Sometimes the most mundane things prove to be the most enlightening, and the most comical!
I absolutely loved the way you wrote this. It was touching, and real. Thanks
Thanks to all for comments received and reads on this entry. I knew seconds after I hit the submit button that I had errored with that word "whose" versus "who's." It's one thing to have an error in the body (where it might be missed by others), but in the TITLE!? *Sigh* So, as others have rightly pointed out, my title and references within the body should have been "Who's On First?" but my error is carved forever in FaithWriters stone for all to see, but life goes on. :o)