The Official Writing Challenge
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I favorite entry this week. I smell a winner!!!
Hehe - now THERE'S one way to win!! ;) Sorry - I'll pitch in next time.
Editor's choice fer shore. Love it!!
I very much enjoyed the subtle interplay of diverse imagery and righteous indignation, which leaves the reader both pensive and primed for response.

What is writing but the explication of deep seated emotional need for sustained gratification? You have pared this down to its essence, providing immediate context and suggesting universal realities.

Indeed, the overt mocking of institutional practices by means of explicit rejection of dearly held "correct" conventions of the writing craft entertains even as it provokes.

How do we judge that which rejects the judgments of the establishment? We don't. We can't. We can only thus judge ourselves.

Bravo. I say it again. Bravo.
That was awesome!!! ROFL!
This made me smile!! :)
I forgot to mention that you are "right on topic". Way to go!!!
Send this to Dub. It may win honorable mention for his grammar book contest - which was part of the conference but I'm sure he'd be willing to consider your entry. Snicker, snicker.
Shoorly this is bownd to win a bloo ribben! Well Dunn.
You were the smart one!! You're getting little gold boxes this week and the rest of us are in withdrawal!! Are you gonna hint? lol. Thanks for the laugh--I needed one this morning!!! :-) Hugs!
Hi Dave,
Congratulations on your entry. You deserve everything you get!
If anyone is interested Dave now has a "Plan B" for times like these.
Love ya,
I'm in. It's Plan B for me!
:)Emily You-know-who
Mybe it aint fare, but wun lok at yer entrie indakates thet ya nead a spel. End knot jest frum the presher uv riting sow menny otha artycalls.
Good fun though