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Yes!! Sorry, I got a sudden urge to jump for joy. Marvelous story, well told. A few minor typos, but they don't detract. One person can, indeed, make a huge difference. :)
Neat story with a "you are there" feel to it. I love reading history through the eyes of real people who had the experience. You gave us enough of interesting characters, drama, outrage, to recommend expanding this into, say, a tv movie (with an expanded word limit :)
Loved it! It's brave folks like you who have made such positive differences in the way our Constitution is interpreted and upheld. I remember the 60s and the pain of having friends of color treated badly. There is nothing wrong with RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION...and that's what you had. Bravo!
Oh for more people who will stand up for what it right, no matter what! That's righteous indignation.
What a brave person you were in such turbulent times! Your story reminds us so well of how important it is to take a stand for what is right.
Wow! A brillant story. We are all God's children. I loved this one!
Interesting and good story, oh, do I remember those terrible days. A quick point. Try writing without so many speech tags ("he said," etc.).
Way to go! There is no place in society for prejudice of any kind. I like the easy way you have in telling a story.
Lots of good stuff here--the confrontation with the registrar is particularly well done.

Consider opening with the 4th paragraph (setting the scene), or even eliminating it altogether and establishing the setting (which is well-known to most readers) by showing us--the characters' clothing, the movie they are watching, etc.
The ending, too, seems like more of a summary.

Wonderful main character--her courage is inspiring.
Love this story. Marvelous message. There is a lot of drama and character packed into this short piece. It may have been placed in the 60s, but still very relevant. Well written! Good job!
You certainly set the scene and gave us some great detail. Love the title. I was engrossed throughout.
What an enthralling story! I was glued to every word! I feel like I really know all three of these memorable characters. Love the MC's fiesty edge! Super job of story-telling!
A very well written story with great impact. It hits hard at racial issues. A very good outcome in the end. Loved it, good work.
I really enjoyed reading this story! The ring of true history and the righting of wrongs made it a privilege to read. Love your title, too.