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I so agree with the cry for integrity among Christians. It's a function of holiness and essential as a platform for the Holy Spirit in us. Keep writing about it!
I was going to look up the word "acrimonious" before I read this piece; but now I don't think I have to; it speaks for itself - and I can understand the anger of this writer by the lack of common sense (which is what I call "walking around sense") by the higher echelon. Bravo for speaking up.
It's a sad testimony that things can be less than Christ-like at a Christian school, but we know that Satan is always looking for an opportunity to entice one of God's children into sin. Unfortunately, we don't have our heavenly bodies yet and are not immune. You told the story very well.
Pointing fingers at the administrator is not the problem. Fingers need to be pointed at the parents for allowing a board (which is usually elected by the parents) to keep an administrator like that in place.

If there needs to be an impovement in the administration the parents need to put pressure on the board for this improvement.

Where is the teacher in all this? Perhaps the administrator needs to do more changing in the classroom rather than moving the child. Focusing on the administrator is correct - he is not "administrating" effectively enough but the parents have more options than the administrator. Too long of time for all this to be going on.

God bless, keep writing, keep praying.
Your story deals with a real issue. Sadly too many youth experience bullying. The topic is a good choice for this theme. A re-write or two would strengthen this good story. I over use the word "that" and find re-writing helps me clean up my natural tendency to over write. A writer friend of mine tells me "Make it sing Ed, make it sing." You're a good writer, re-write and it will sing.
Bullying should never be tolerated, in any classroom, but most especially in the Christian classroom. Unfortunately, often times a money-strapped Christian school puts up with nonsense for fear of offending a "paying" parent. It's difficult to confront or demand that behavior change is expected when the administrator knows how important paid tuition is to the school. However, as parent, I too, would do whatever it takes to stop someone bullying my child.