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Very true! I was hoping you'd end like it you did - with a solution. :)
No man is an island, but most of us have times when we'd like to at least be on one! However, life has a way of happening and we have to learn to deal with that. I like the way you wrapped all this up. Nice job.
No family, no car, no pets, no house, no telephone, no've hit it on the head; but what's life without these things? Very, very, good! Well done! Just take it to the Great Wise One of ancient days...Good Old Solomon. Great entry here! A fun read and NON-FICTION!
You have a great list and an even better conclusion. You might add: Never make a mistake.
I really enjoyed reading this.
Well done.
Chris x
This is too cute! I loved reading each "way" and your explanations. Great job.
What a humorous entry! And many of the annoyances you listed are sooo true. Really clever and fun to read article and I like the way you tied the scripture into the story.