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Great job putting humor in the anger. Clever twist. I like the neighbors too. You never know who is watching!
Very funny! I sensed there must be a catch somewhere to Chad's anger. I wondered if he was acting out a scene at first, but laughed when I realised what had made him so mad! The fact that the nosy neighbours were so disappointed was quite telling too!
I can relate — I have far more patience with people that I have with things that don't work the way I think they should, or as fast as I would like them to. But it's still anger nonetheless and needs dealing with before it gets turned to humankind. Good work.
Not ever owning a grill, I wouldn't know a Brinkmann from a Coleman - but now I know! This one kept my interest...wondering who Coleman was, a dog? a person? a makebelieve friend or foe? Nicely done.
I was with Chad from the beginning and enjoyed the ride for his tirade at "Coleman." I like how you managed to show that, in spite of its faults, he liked old Coleman.
Clever twist!
Very creative -- but I have to admit I figured out your twist from the first mention of Coleman. (Maybe because my husband is barbequing right now.) I especially liked the subtle message about eaves dropping and coming to the wrong conclusion. Good job with the topic.
I laughed at this because I have two neighbors, right across the street from me, who go to my church. Once, we "heard" an angry tirade from each of them, and once they "heard" one from us! It keeps the anger in check, I'll admit, when you know your church family is listening-and watching! I highly recommend having church family as neighbors-accountability is continuous. Unique story!
Oh, this is fun. I thought Coleman was a dog. I'm glad it was a grill. I think Chad is going to have to spend more than $25. Great story!
Clever and fun - love all the "messages" skillfully woven through this piece.
This would make a great beginning for a sitcom sketch. I can just see Tim Allen manning the grill. It's well-written, too. Thanks for sharing.
I know this about anger, but it still put a smile on my face as I've been there before, too. Nice job of story telling.
Very clever. It is even funnier when you read it the second time and picture Chad yelling at a grill and calling it Coleman. Great article.
Like the storyline, unique and everyday made into a story. Clever means to keep a reader searching while reading.
Didn't see the twist coming. Guess I don't know much about grilling. Great job on this piece.
Catchy title and great work, Kevin. I love to see everyday situations taken to the higher level of an entertaining story.