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It seemed that the anger had turned to bitterness, which was the real companion, as it stayed with her and even comforted her. A good allegory.
Oh how true! Well done.
Wow, this hits home. Why do we hang on to such things as anger instead of giving them to Jesus? It is so frightening when we see our faults in our children. Great message. Great writing.
What a wonderful idea--to personify anger!

There were a few pronoun issues--if you wanted the reader to feel as if anger were truly a poor companion, it might have been best to use "him" or "her" rather than "it." Easier to sustain the metaphor that way.

Wowsers, though, your little essay sure hits the nail on the head! Lots of us have been there, that's for sure!
Such a creative idea and a great lesson. Calling the anger 'it' was a clever idea.
Good article.
Wow. After reading this, I sat here and thought,"At one point in my life I could have written this. I wish I had." I didn't think about a critique of it. I was too engrossed in the message, in the personalities of the characters, of the writer being pulled in two directions. Only when the thought "the sins of the (parents) will be visited upon the children," did the writer see how devasting anger can be. You could teach a college course on this piece. It's brilliantly conceived and even more brilliantly written. Wow!
What an opportunity we have to lay every burden, including anger, at Jesus' feet! You expressed the effects of letting anger be our companion wonderfully.
Excellent allegory - very powerful.
A great reminder to let go of our anger. This was a good read.
You make excellent points for all to remember. Anger robs us of so much energy. I like the twist you put on the subject.
I really liked the way you wrote this, because it illustrates so well how anger can grow and distort and destroy if we don't give it over to Chirst! Great job.
Isn't it funny how we seldom think we have a real problem with unpleasant emotions or how we handle situations until we see it reflected in our children? Then it seems appalling and obvious! I like that aspect of your story. The shame of seeing this anger issue in the child propelled your MC to make a change and finally let the Lord take this burden away.
I felt such safety in reading this, great job! Keep writing for His purpose!
A good article on how we entertain emotions that should be given to God.