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POWERFUL PUNCH! Great story! A contender indeed! Whew! I'll be thinking about this ending all day long! You now have a number one fan.... ME! I look forward to reading more of your stories!
Whew, what a roller coaster ride! I agree, you have a new fan - ME! Wonderful story with a lovely twist.
You really hooked me with your opening and delivered a stunning ending. Excellent writing and weaving of plot. I feel like I know these people. It could easily be a novel.
Good job! An excellent piece.
A startling beginning, a surprize ending and a good read in between.
Your gifted pen in showcased perfectly in this bittersweet tale of life unto death, unto life. Perfectly inked, by a true writer!
Very clever piece - wonderfully crafted. Your story commanded attention from the first sentence. Great plot, wonderful twist. Would love to see an expanded version.
Blessings, Lynda
Wow, how the heck did you write this so well and STILL manage to get that SPOOF repeated down the side?? Did you know that Spoof backwards spells FOOPS??
True talent! And I would never have caught the SPOOF thing without Sally's observation. Great work! Cheri
Another excellent read. Did you catch my post about my "dream"? In it I was as eloquent as you. :)
Quite amazing!!!!! Well done! You're truly creative, and gave me a good laugh.
OK you made your point! I'm crawling back into the safety and security of the box, hammer down the lid. Excellent BTW.
Amazing! Great melodrama and a point well made. Spoof Ha! :)
congratulations on your win, maxx - you are a talented (and clever) writer - blessings!
Maxx - spoof or not, you are an outstanding writer. I can almost see your tongue in cheek as you wrote this. I know we'll see many more of your entries in the winners' list in the challenges ahead. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I have to say, if I hadn't known it was a spoof before this, I'd have been reaching for the kleenexes. Aw, heck! *sniff* I need them anyway!
Finally, I get to read the piece that I've been told all about - the spoof entry. Wonderful spoof job, Maxx! Loved every jot!
First things first.. for a spoof it was awesome, getting all the elements to line up was a great touch. Second... My dog's name was Maxx... :)
I missed reading this, because I think it was "before my time". I'm glad I finally tracked it down. Amazing! Something to aspire to :)
Beautiful heart felt moving story! Brilliant writing,amazing Gift God has blessed you with.

In Christ,Dee
"Numbers 6:24,25,26"
ok Maxx, I'm needing the inside scoop on this one. What the heck is everyone talking about this being a "spoof" are you talking about the wonderful disney happy ending or...? I read this three times and yes I'm tired, but I'm also very confused. I've always enjoyed this piece. You can't really forget it because it shocks you throughout the entire piece, starting with the beginning sentence. Anyways, you wrote terrifically. Oh, and I don't know what that lady was talking about the whole 'adoptive' language thingy. I have an auntie who is adopted and she referred to her real mother as her "birth mother" as well. So don't feel bad!