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This is a creative take on the topic and a touching read. The title is also interesting.
This was very well written. I like the little girl's wisdom at the end.
Oh, well done! You have so many struggles and subtle lessons going on here. I liked it very much. So glad you weren't afraid to tackle the sensitive subject of spanking — which you handled with wisdom.
You showed well how anger affects a young child, even into his adult years. I loved the sensitivity of the little girl to her father's tears.
Fantastic Story. I could feel his hands shaking. I know what it is like to fear the effects of one's childhood on the next generation. Without Christ the ugliness continues. This is a winner in my book.
This is so good. Very moving - and the cuteness of the little prayer at the end really got to me. (I know it's uncool of an Ozzie bloke to say so!)
A sensitive way of tackling the "child abuse vs healthy discipline" question. Excellent!
How can a tearjerker like this one come out of a challenge about anger?! Wow, you had me weeping; this is a great story and written so well...excellent, in fact! One can't help but be touched to the very marrow of the bone on this one - Great job - Kudos!
Great title--really makes one want to read on, and your excellent writing pulls one along.
Love this story and the different twist it takes.
This is cute. I enjoyed the little girl's prayer at the end. Good writing!
This is such a wonderful story. The ending is perfect. I like that you showed the concern and fear of the MC over disciplining his children. It made him seem real. Well done.
So vivid and engaging. Love the ending too.
Your gift for writing shines bright ... from the perfect title to the perfect ending.
Wiped away a tear my friend. Several comments, if you are interested pm me.
You painted the picture of a truly wonderful and loving father in this piece. You did a great job!
Yup - I shed some tears on this one, too. Wonderful title fully explained within the text. Excellent writing.
Talk about facing your demons! Great job showing the readers the emotional turmoil this man had to go through. Your writing style made empathising with him easy. I especially liked the daughters's reaction - Perfect!
Oh, I love this. As a Mom who cried when I had to discipline, I can empathize with this MC. I like the little girl's prayer to be good so she won't cause her Daddy more pain. This is how we should feel toward our Heavenly Father, too. Great story!
I can hardly see the monitor through the tears! This is great--and I loved the bit of humor! You did an excellent job showing the battle inside him. Great job!!
Loved this. Such a good story with both humor and strength.
If the title doesn't grab you, I'm not sure what would! This started strong but by the paragraph about the youth and bitter roots, I mean wow, powerful writing. I really enjoyed this, very well done!
Congratulations and well deserved!
Congratulations, George, on receiving a Highly Commended for this story! I loved it. :)
Ongratulations on your win, George. It is well deserved - such a well-presented message! Loren