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Ohhhhhhhh, I love this. It's not only well-written, but I am so happy to see a fundamental truth being highlighted — the devil can't do anything without permission! GOD IS SOVEREIGN OVER ALL — in heaven, on earth, and under the earth. Thanks for making my day!
A bit of C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters here. Written from the perspective of the devil. Good points, good point of view, both make this a good read. I like your story. Watch the over use of "have", "has" and "had". They are difficult to get rid of but when you do, it will strengthen your writing.
This is excellent writing. You have done an outstanding job with the personification of the devil's henchmen. I'm thankful that you showed a boundary he can't go beyond.
I really enjoyed this! I especially like how all the demons' names started with a D - just a nice added touch to a great drama. Great job!
Wonderful! My thoughts were similar to Lynda's ... in fact, these sentences really stood out to me: "Oh yes - Permission! ... It’s always there to remind me that authority isn’t ultimately mine. Why do I always have to ask to torment my victims?" Very well done. I love the ending, too. Great job! :)
This is very visual--the devil poking around in the fire as if it were a television...very well done!
Excellent view into the unseen drama that takes place around us everyday. This was a wonderful read. Good job!
Wonderful illustration that God is in control and the Word of God is ever before Satan.
This really touched my spirit because it gave me hope for my Dad in the nursing home. I feel despair when I go there and see him, again, drugged to a stupor. Next time, I'm going with the strength and hope of the Lord. I'm so glad I read this story tonight! I can't wait to glance around for the angel's glow.
Great piece - I could feel the heat of the fire and the anger of the devil (hee hee, that made me happy). Thanks, I enjoyed it!
So very well written and imaginative. I love the names, too. Well done.
Ohhhh. This felt so good to see the Devil's defeat. Great job.
Great job of character development - I LOVE this!
All of the above and the last line was realllllly good! Very visual piece.
WOW - this is fantastic! You did a great job depicting evil and I really liked how you gave the enemy a voice. The ending was powerful. Thank you for writing this.
You write with a wonderful sense of atmosphere that captivates and hold the reader throughout the story. And the message, was right on point even as the curtain fell.
CONGRATULATIONS on your first place win and making the EC list! Way to go!
Congrats - excellent story!
Congratulations! First place and an EC-Yay!!
Extremely creative, way to get into a Masters-loaded Top 10. Congrats!
One of my favorites for this week. Wonderful!
Congrats on your win! Spell check alone is not enough. I think you meant "seethe" instead of "seeth". (typo probably) But, I do like to see the devil angry.
I loved this too: the way you gave us a glimpse into the unseen spirit world where a NO CONTEST battle has already been won. To coin a hackneyed phrase - its all over but the shoutin'!